Saudi Arabia is in talks with Sweden to develop a joint economic action plan for 2023 to bolster trade and investment relations between the two countries.  

-- Arab News, 5 January 2023

Based on our ongoing monitoring of the development of international trade agreements, and as evidenced by the current negotiations between Sweden and Saudi Arabia, we expect more bilateral trade and economic cooperation agreements in 2023 and 2024 between countries that, like Saudi Arabia and Sweden, most people don't think of as "natural" trading partners.

Unfortunately, our experience and observations over the past 20 years tell us that most law firms do not find about these developments and the potentially changing needs of some of their clients, who are already doing business in, or considering expanding their operations, into new markets.

One message that we have received clearly, repeated, and forcefully from law firm clients with international business interests is this: We expect our law firm not only to continue to deliver high-quality legal services, but also to be our reliable guide as we connect with the legal, regulatory, and business communities in the new country. Just being a good law firm will not be good enough.

Is your law firm ready to be a reliable guide into a new market for your clients?

Norman Clark 

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