"You guys aren't like other consultants."

-- partner in a Walker Clark client law firm in South America





How is Walker Clark® different from other firms and consultants offering services to the legal profession?

Here are the five things that we hear most frequently from our clients:

  • First of all, we understand that every law firm is unique, and we work hard to get to know each client. We do not offer off-the-shelf programs, academic theories, or generic gimmicks presented by ordinary management consultants. Instead, each Walker Clark engagement -- no matter how large or small -- is customed designed to meet the specific needs, issues, and distinct characteristics of each client.
  • We deliver a multidisciplinary approach that is unique in the legal management consulting industry. We combine experience and expertise in management, economics, marketing, psychology, and legal practice to deliver the right blend of diagnosis, analysis, solutions, and implementation. The results are high-definition recommendations and practical implementation strategies that produce the best return on our client's investment of partner time, intellectual energy, management attention, and resources.
  • We are discrete. Our clients know that they can trust us with their most sensitive issues and strategic secrets, and to manage the risks of conflicts of interest. We will never disclose the identity of a client without the client's advance consent; nor do we publish lists of "representative clients."  
  • We are global. Walker Clark members have advised more small and mid-sized law firms in more countries in the world than any other legal management consulting firm. We understand the environments in which our clients practice, especially in recently-emerged and emerging legal markets, usually with greater breadth and depth of knowledge and insight than local consultants.
  • We build lasting professional friendships, not just a "book of business." We do not just drop a big report on the managing partner's desk and disappear. Every Walker Clark engagement includes, at no additional fee, a period of implementation support. Even when we are not actively working on a project, we stand by each client in good times and challenging ones alike. As a result, some law firms have been Walker Clark clients for more than ten years.

To learn more about how working with Walker Clark can benefit your firm, please contact us at the e-mail address or telephone number listed at the bottom of this page.