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More than 25% of our clients are law firms in central and eastern Europe.





We specialize in the strategic opportunities and business needs of national, regional, and international law firms operating throughout the region, from the Czech Republic in the west to Russia and Ukraine in the east, and from the Baltic countries in the north to Greece and Turkey in the south.

We deliver:

  • a unique international perspective and experience advising small and midsize law firms in emerging legal markets
  • specialists with "top of the market" expertise in the economic, political, and legal trends and developments in each country
  • unsurpassed in-depth market research capabilities
  • a strong emphasis on implementation and measurable business results

Our Central and Eastern Europe Group delivers customized strategic, marketing, and management services in:

  • strategic planning and implementation
  • profitability analysis and improvement
  • establishing clear competitive advantages
  • evaluation of mergers, networks, and other growth opportunities
  • improving the marketing performance of the firm and each of its lawyers
  • building the firm's national and international visibility
  • law firm governance and partnership structures
  • lawyer compensation systems
  • performance management to get the best results from each person in the firm

Contact us for a complementary 30-minute teleconference with you and your leadership team to explore how we can help you manage your business challenges and achieve your full potential in today's competitive international legal markets.