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Even a bad marketing plan is better than none at all.

But why settle for a bad one?





As a group, law firms that have written marketing plans -- even mediocre ones -- have better market performance than those that have no formal plan at all.

This observation has been validated by Walker Clark business advisors as they have advised the legal profession worldwide since the 1990s.

What other persuasion do you need?

how we can help

Walker Clark can improve the quality, practicality, and overall success of your firm's marketing plan.

If you have never developed a formal marketing plan, we can help you get started.

If you have one already, we can help you to get more in return for your investment of time, effort, and intellectual capital in writing it.

We also advise practice groups and individual partners on their business marketing plans and how to integrate them into the firm's plan.

decisions, decisions...

We specialize in helping small and midsize law firms to evaluate the almost endless number of marketing tactics and opportunities and to select the ones that will produce the best results for each firm. These involve questions that can be challenging even for the largest law firms. They are especially difficult for smaller firms with limited resources, but with a determination to remain competitive for the best legal work in their markets. For example:

  • How can we improve our visibility and reputation among major foreign law firms that are likely to refer work in our jurisdiction?
  • Should we try to join a network?  If so, what type?
  • Is our current membership in a law firm network delivering the value that we deserve? If not, can we improve the situation or should we depart?
  • In what professional organizations, and in what sections and committees of those associations, should we be active? How do we become better known in those organizations?
  • Which international conferences should we attend? Who should attend? What are the short-term and long-range results that we expect from attending a conference?
  • Should our lawyers publish? If so, in which media?
  • To what extent, if at all, should we invest time in establishing a presence in social media?
  • How can we improve our rankings in the credible legal directories? Which directories are not credible or relevant in our market?
  • Does our website clearly communicate our competitive advantages?  If not, how should we improve it?

answers and results

Working as part of your your team, we use practical tools, methods, and tactics to prescribe specific actions, assign responsibilities, and set expected results. This helps our clients to produce marketing plans that are simple and clear, without business-school theories or marketing-consultant jargon. Equally importantly, we help our clients to build the insights, skills, and experience that will enable them to continue to develop marketing plans that will produce the best return on their firm's investment. 

Can Walker Clark help your firm write better marketing plans and get the best possible results?

Our marketing planning services for small and midsize law firms typically take 30 to 45 days. Unless a client requests otherwise, we rely on teleconferences and e-mail to produce results quickly, efficiently, and economically. As with other Walker Clark engagements and services, we charge a fixed fee that is customized to each firm's size, market dynamics, practice specialties, and resources; and our fees include all expenses, even travel if required.

Even if you have already begun your new year, it is not too late to secure the best possible results for the rest of this year. Don't spend another day trying to compete in today's increasingly challenging legal markets without a marketing plan that is as good as you are.

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