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Each year, lawyers waste thousands of hours and millions of dollars worldwide to attend seminars and workshops on leadership.





leadership with an edge

At no other time in the history of the legal profession has there been more misinformation and just plain bad advice on leadership of a professional services firm. Some people adopt a militaristic approach -- "follow me, over the top" -- only to produce long-lasting disastrous results. Others, wrongly convinced that they "just aren't leadership material," are missing opportunities every day to make a lasting difference.

Walker Clark leadership counselors have themselves successfully managed and led professionals in large business and professional services organizations. We work closely with leaders and managers to develop effective leadership behaviors that produce observable, measurable results.

Our goal is to help our clients build an organization of leaders, not just one with leaders. We believe that the best vision for the law firm or law department is one in which any person, no matter how junior, can take responsibility in the appropriate situation and lead the way to the best solutions.

Walker Clark leadership development has a business edge that sets us apart from other programs. We deal in behaviors and results, not slogans and philosophies. We get results that our clients can measure.

the Walker Clark difference

Here is how the Walker Clark leadership approach is different -- and makes a difference for our clients:

  • Each leadership development program is designed especially for your law firm or law department and for your people. Although our methods and approaches are built on past success in organizations like yours, we do not sell generic or "off-the-shelf" programs.
  • We provide ongoing support to develop leadership behaviors in the workplace, not at one-time off-site retreats.
  • We define leadership in terms of specific behaviors and actions that directly lead the organization to the achievement of realistic business goals.
  • We include individual counseling and group coaching to improve both individual and group performance.
  • We define and evaluate progress toward defined goals in terms of measurable business results.
  • We use reliable psychological instruments that have been validated internationally and cross-culturally. These include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the Emotional Competence Inventory®, and the Group Development Questionnaire®, which are among the tools that we use to establish baselines and measure progress of individuals and groups.

our leadership services to the legal profession

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