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Business can always bring surprises.


We can help you manage them.






One of your most productive lawyers or practice groups threatens to leave -- or actually departs.

One of your key partners is "burned out."

Internal disagreements between two partners threaten to disrupt the performance of a practice group or the entire organization.

Your most promising associates are recruited by another firm.

One of your major clients merges or is acquired.

You lose an important piece of work to a competitor.

A breakdown in quality assurance jeopardizes a long-standing client relationship.

One of your biggest clients demands a 25% reduction in your fees.

One of your oldest clients requires you to participate in a competitive tender offer or "beauty contest" if you want to continue performing the work.

Your firm wins a new client, but now you are not sure you can meet the client's expectations.

We are part of your crisis management team.

No matter how thoroughly you believe that you have prepared for a crisis, there is alway that moment or two of surprise and confusion at first. You need informed decisions and action, not consulting studies, research, and reports. You need to respond efficiently and with calm confidence.

You need us on your crisis management team. Our unique crisis response service is available anywhere in the world.

Here is what we can do:

Same-day response. We will start to work on your issues as soon as you call us. By the end of the day, we will have assembled our response team and identified the person who will manage our services for you.

Prompt on-site assistance. As a crisis response client, your firm goes to the "top of the list" for scheduling on-site assistance. With Walker Clark members based throughout Europe and the Americas, we can usually be there -- anywhere in the world -- within two business days if you need us. We can also use teleconferences and Internet-based meetings to join forces with your management team.

Communications plan. Truth is usually the best damage control tool. It is also usually the most powerful one in the early hours and days of a business crisis. We will help you to get the essential facts straight and communicate the truth confidently.

Data collection and evaluation. We will help you to collect, organize, and evaluate all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Response and recovery plan. We will define and evaluate options, as well as identify and articulate their likely short-term and long-range business implications. We will also help you to plan your response, with specific action items and responsibilities, as well as clear measurements to track the business results.

Fixed fees. As with other Walker Clark engagements, our crisis response service is provided for a fixed fee, which usually includes all expenses and is agreed at the beginning of the engagement. If there are any uncertainties or contingencies -- such as unknown travel requirements -- we will identify those and their possible costs at the start. There are enough unpleasant surprises in the business world today. Our fee will not be one of them.