What's on the minds of lawyer in small and midsize law firms as they think about their firms' futures?

... or anytime else in the future?

Some of the most reliable economic indicators warn of a possible global recession in 2020.

If it happens, will your law firm be prepared for it?

Thomas Eakins, The Oarsmen (1874)

Here is a reading list of news and commentary about recent law firm mergers and strategic combinations.

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Here is the July 2019 issue of Walker Clark's reading list of recent news and commentary for lawyers and law firms that are interested in the Indian legal market. 

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Saeiki Yuzo, Gate with Advertisements (1925)

Here is the June 2019 issue of Walker Clark's The World of Economic Sanctions Digest.

William Bradford (1823-1892), Arctic Caravan

The Law Firm Management Committee is now publishing a reading list of recent articles and papers about business strategy and related issues for law firms.

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This month Walker Clark launches another of our popular "reading list" style digests, which offer links to the top current news and commentary about strategic issues in the legal services industry: China Legal Horizons.


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Service delivery capability, not size, is what will determine the profitability -- and perhaps the survival -- of most traditional law firms between now and 2030.