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 "I know that I need to be a better leader in my law firm...


...but how do I start?"

-- Managing Partner of a Walker Clark client law firm in Asia




a foundation for building better leadership

The Walker Clark Individual Leadership Assessment first identifies your strengths and opportunities to improve. It then builds on them to develop a personal action plan to start getting better results in your leadership roles in your firm and with clients.

The Individual Leadership Assessment is developed and delivered by Lisa M. Walker Johnson, a counseling psychologist with more than 15 years experience helping lawyers and law firms to get better business results through improved leadership skills and behaviors. The whole process, from start to finish takes three days.

  • Day 1: Confidential interviews with you and selected colleagues who can offer observations and insights about your leadership behaviors
  • Day 2: Preparation of a confidential report and prioritized recommendations
  • Day 3: Half-day confidential coaching session with you to review the report and recommendations , as well as to help you plan the next steps

Our Leadership Assessment also includes eight hours of follow-up coaching and advice by telephone as you finalize your leadership improvement goals and start achieving them.

what our clients say

  • The feedback from others really helped me understand how my actions affected their motivation.
  • The feedback from others was revealing -- it helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in practical terms.
  • This helped me with my accountability and duties to support others.
  • Now I know what my partners expect of me.
  • I'm glad to know that my strengths are recognized by others.
  • Now I can communicate more effectively with people whose personality preferences are different from my own.
  • The business case for this investment is compelling.

We charge a fixed fee for this service, paid in installments. Most participants in this program find that they recover its cost in weeks, by being better able to lead and provide a better motivating environment for their colleagues, which in turn produces measurable improvements in business performance. They also find that they can concentrate more productively on their own work because they are able to make their everyday working relationships more productive, as well.