Walker Clark LLC announces a series of four complementary webinars to introduce quality management concepts, tools, and methods to law firms and corporate law departments worldwide.

As the legal services industry moves through the disruptive and increasingly competitive professional and market environments of the 2020s, quality has emerged as a critical condition for sustainable success.

Unfortunately, for most of the legal services industry, quality is little more than a slogan on a website. The sophisticated users of legal services whom we survey and interview are telling us that demonstrated quality in legal services -- meeting or exceeding client expectations the first itme and every time -- is becoming a decisive factor in the selection of legal counsel. It must be shown, not just claimed.
In the law firm sector, some small and midsize law firms that are clients of Walker Clark LLC are telling us that they can compete quite successfullly against larger, better known, more richly resourced law firms. They are winning this work because they can demonstrate superior quality, in some cases even better than some of the "global giants."
In corporate law departments, in-house counsel that can demonstrate consistently high quality -- the first time every time -- are more likely to be valued as a strategic profit center for the enterprise, rather than an unpredictable and often annoying cost center.
Walker Clark Conversations About Quality
Walker Clark Conversations About Quality is a series of four 30-minute webinars about the basic concepts and methods by which any law firm, law department, or practice group can integrate a reliable system of quality management into its everyday work. Led by Walker Clark principals Norman Clark and Lisa Walker Johnson, who each have more than 30 years experience advising legal services organizations on quality management, our team will show how a integrated quality management can produce breakthrough results in better profitability and stronger competitive advantages for any firm, regardless of size, practice specialty, or location.
Here is an outline of the four sessions. Each one will be offered at four different times to accommodate our global audiences. Space is limited, so registration is required for each session, using the links provided below:

Session 1: The Business Case for Quality Management (22-25 June 2021)

This session will be repeated in September 2021.

1. How quality management is different from traditional quality control

2. Quality management to improve and sustain profitability

3. Quality management as a differentiating competitive advantage


Session 2: What Matters Most?

1. How clients -- not lawyers -- define quality in legal services

2. How to identify the critical processes in your legal practice


Session 3: Sustainable Quality

1. How to get to the root causes of quality problems in your work

2. How to move from just fixing things to continuous improvement


 Session 4: Building a Quality Culture

1. Key indicators and conditions for successful quality management in legal services

2. From an organization with leaders to an organization of leaders

3. How to get started

Dates and times:

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

16:00 UTC

12:00 New York

Thursday, 15 July 2021

05:00 UTC

14:00 Tokyo

10:30 Mumbai

Friday, 16 July 2021

13:00 UTC

15:00 Berlin

16:00 Moscow




So, are you willing to invest two hours of your time to start the quality journey in your law firm, law department, or practice group? It will be the best path for you and your colleagues to the 2030s and beyond.

Walker Clark LLC and quality management
The Walker Clark quality management team is led by our co-founders Norman Clark and Lisa Walker Johnson. They each have more than thirty years' experience advising law firms, law departments, and government legal service agencies on quality management, and were pioneers in the introduction of Total Quality Management into the legal profession in the 1990s. For more information, contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Norman Clark