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Outsourcing provides new opportunities to reduce operating costs, improve quality, and build sustainable profitability in a practice area that might otherwise no longer be economically viable for small firms. Services like those offered by Intricate Research can help level the playing field in patent services markets anywhere in the world.

Over the past 18 years, as Walker Clark members have advised small and midsize law firms, we have observed that, for some of our clients, their patent practices have found it harder to compete against patent boutiques and the IP practices of large law firms. One strategy that is emerging, but still overlooked by some law firms, is to outsource functions that used to be performed inside a law firm -- such as searches, analytics, SEP analysis, drafting, and prosecution -- to external specialists.These service providers can help a small or midsize law firm, especially, continue to offer a full range of IP services to its clients, but at a low cost, responsiveness, and consistently high level of quality that the law firm might not be able to manage. 

One such provider is Intricate Research, with whom our firm has recently entered into a strategic partnership. Of course, Intricate Research is not the only provider of these services. However, we specifically recommend them to our clients with patent practices because, in our opinion, they offer expert services that can help even a small firm to compete effectively against much larger law firms and to build reliable levels of sustainable profitability in its patent practice.

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Norman Clark