Appalachian Mountains licensed by Walker Clark LLC from iStock

Walker Clark principal Norman Clark has just published his first full-length novel: Into the Endless Mountains.

We promise: the words profitability, fully-loaded operating cost, and strategic planning do not appear anywhere in it.

Into the Endless Mountains is the suspenseful story of Russell Poe, a successful city lawyer -- okay, we had to sneak the law into it somewhere -- who follows his instincts, retiring early to a mountain property that he unexpectedly inherits from his uncle. He finds himself drawn to the dark solitude of the forests, only to be caught up in increasingly dangerous and life-threatening situations.

As Russell attempts to finish writing the book of a man who died recently under mysterious circumstances, he begins to experience the power of the local legends that have shaped the lives and destinies of his new friends.

The complex characters emerge from a mountain culture of family and friendships, but also secret complicities, denial, loss, and survival. They seize your attention and will haunt you forever.

Even Russell, who begins to seek intimacy in a relationship perhaps for the first time in his adult life, has to accept how his own family stories shape who he is becoming.

Into the Endless Mountains weaves rich local history and historically based legends of the Pennsylvania mountains into one man’s quest for identity and purpose.

It is available in paperback and Kindle electronic version at Click here to go to the Amazon website.