Profitability is the number-one survival challenge for small law firms and solo practices today. 

Walker Clark LLC has been delivering cost-effective management advice and assistance to small law firms worldwide since 2002. Drawing on this extensive experience, today we have launched a new service to meet the special profitability issues that smaller firms face.

The Walker Clark Small Firm Profitability Diagnostic is a 5-step self-diagnostic process that allows solo practitioners and partners in small law firms to identify, clarify, and establish action priorities to address the issues that are preventing their practices from achieving optimal, sustainable profitability. A senior Walker Clark advisor specifically assigned to your firm guides you at every step. Based on our work with you, our team then develops a profitability improvement plan that focuses on low-cost, high-yield strategies and tactics to build sustainable profitability into your firm's performance.

Every Small Firm Profitability Diagnostic includes a 60-day implementation support period at no additional fee, during which we remain available to help you get started on implementing our recommendations. We also include a follow-up consultation by telephone six months after we deliver our report, also at no additional charge.

Because our service is delivered entirely on-line, by e-mail, and by telephone, we can offer our Small Firm Profitability Diagnostic to any small law firm anywhere in the world for a fixed fee of US$ 6,900, payable in installments -- an investment that most law firms can recover through improved profitability and better financial performance in 6 months or less.

Click here to learn more about the Walker Clark Small Firm Profitability Diagnostic.

Norman Clark