Rembrandt, A Scholar

Alexander Johnson is our Research Associate (Trade and Policy).

photograph of Curtis W. Hovey

Curtis W. Hovey specializes all aspects of internal operations, facilities administration, and financial management in law firms.

photograph of Daniel E. Miller

Daniel E. Miller is a senior consultant for Walker Clark LLC and specializes in business strategy and related economic, political, and cultural issues in the legal markets of Europe, with particular experience in expertise in the Central European countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. He is a member of the Walker Clark Central and Eastern Europe Group.

photograph of Fernando Moreno

Fernando Moreno is a principal of Walker Clark, with more than 25 years experience in management and marketing consultancy for professional services firms. He is our firm's Regional Managing Principal for Latin America and the Caribbean. He also works as part of Walker Clark's multi-disciplinary teams in major projects worldwide.

photograph of Lisa M. Walker Johnson

Lisa M. Walker Johnson is a founding principal of Walker Clark LLC. She is an internationally recognized expert in managing complex changes in law firms.

photograph of Norman Clark

Norman Clark is one of the founders of Walker Clark LLC. His consulting practice specializes in issues of international business and legal practice strategy, mergers, risk management, internal productivity, partnership governance and compensation, and lawyer performance and profitability.