A Guide to Reward Structures, Performance Management and Decision-Making

includes a chapter by Walker Clark principal Norman Clark

"Table Manners: Rewarding Performance Without "Eat What You Kill"

Michael Roch and Polina Pavlova, editors (Globe Law and Business, 2016)

from the publisher's description:

Law firms are constantly looking to improve the effectiveness of their partner remuneration systems and to make the administration of their partner review processes more efficient.

This comprehensive volume... looks at partner remuneration in the context of strategy implementation, the firm’s organisational design, governance and culture. The chapters cover all topical issues on partner remuneration systems from locksteps to “eat-what-you-kill” meritocracies, performance management and remuneration-related decision making. This volume also covers some special issues and provides a perspective of how the law firm of the future will view partner compensation.

This practical book, full of real-life examples, addresses a variety of issues to be considered when designing, managing or administering partner remuneration / compensation systems. While the book does not advocate a single “best” approach to remuneration, it explores various alternatives that are suitable for law firms of different sizes and in different markets. It will be of interest to managing and senior partners, board members, HR directors and remuneration committee members of local, national and regional law firms alike.


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