Or will they pass you by?

Our firm's research and observations of legal markets worldwide tell us that we can expect to see a sharp upturn in the demand for top-quality services practice areas such as corporate mergers and acquisitions, international dispute resolution, trade, and intellectual property, as well as in industry sectors such as finance, free zones, logistics, tourism, transport, and telecommunications. In some markets, the demand for service might be greater than the supply of competent service providers, creating new opportunities and new challenges for law firms that want to expand their client base and build sustainable profitability and market position.

Unfortunately, many of these firms -- including some well-established ones -- will be disappointed. 

The Walker Clark Opportunity Readiness Assessment

Having advised law firms worldwide for more than 20 years on strategy, marketing, client relations, operations, and quality management, Walker Clark LLC offers a uniquely integrated, customized evaluation of the readiness of a practice group (or an entire firm) to respond to new fast-emerging opportunities and their implications for market position, competitive advantage, client relations, internal operations, and risk. 

Our Opportunity Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive deep-drilling inquiry to identify the strengths and vulnerabilities that will help you make a fully-informed insightful decision about whether and how to pursue new opportunities and, if you do, to be better aware of vulnerabilities in your law firm that could prevent success. Each Assessment is custom-designed for your law firm or practice group and for the competitive realities of your market.

We help you better understand and answer potentially critical questions such as:

  • What are the results that we can realistically expect?
  • What competitive strengths can we demonstrate to the market?
  • To what extent can we leverage our current client base to produce sustainable growth in this opportunity area?
  • How should we price our services?
  • To what extent will we need to improve our internal operations to make them more efficient and more profitable?
  • What investments should we make now in areas, such as professional development, outsourced support, and information technology, that we will need to meet and exceed client expectations?
  • What are the risks we must manage -- including the risk of an overwhelmingly high demand for our services?
  • What measurements should we monitor to assure that our plans are on course?
  • What should be our priorities for the next 3-12 months?

How will Walker Clark deliver the service?

We offer the Walker Clark Opportunity Readiness Assessment in both "all on-line" and "hybrid" modes. The hybrid option is important because sometimes an on-site session -- such as an on-site working session with key members of a practice group or to review the results at a partners' meeting and plan the next steps - is more efficient and cost-effective than a series of video meetings. In each case, however, we off our clients both options.

We offer fixed fees that include all expenses (including travel in hybrid projects) -- no surprises! 

The entire process, from engagement through delivery of our report and recommended solutions, typically takes 45 to 60 days. In addition, and included in our fixed fee, we provide 90 days of implementation support after we deliver the report.

To request a prospectus tailored to your opportunity, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or telephone us at the number at the bottom of this page.

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