Stop the whining and denials.

Legal directories are important. In-house counsel for clients and prospective clients really do read them. So do partners in foreign firms who are looking for local counsel in your jurisdiction. 

Legal directories are an important tool to build a law firm's visibility and reputation, especially for small and midsize law firms.

The key is to know which directories offer the best opportunities for your firm and what you need to do to capitalize on them.

Despite what some marketing "gurus"  might suggest, there is no magical formula for a successful strategy to earn -- we repeat, earn -- good reviews and rankings in credible legal directories. Law firms that have been successful with legal directories understand this.  It requires intellectual discipline and hard work over multiple years.

For more than 17 years, Walker Clark advisors have been helping law firms worldwide to improve their national and international visibility in the major legal directories, while at the same time strengthening client relationships. Our comprehensive, integrated approach, tailored to small and midsize law firms anywhere, is virtually unique in the legal services industry.

To learn more about how Walker Clark can help your firm earn its rightful place in the credible international directories, contact Walker Clark principal Fernando Moreno.


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